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Why the Whistle Went

Author(s): Alan Acheson

ISBN13: 9781856076364

ISBN10: 1856076369


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  • With touches of self-deprecating humour, Alan Acheson writes candidly both about successes and setbacks in a versatile career as ordinand, Army officer, headmaster, chief executive, caregiver and author. He comments shrewdly on the contexts in which he has lived: the social conditions of the 1940s as they affected the Ulster Protestant community, the violence of the 1970s, politics, and the role of the media in this crisis; and the contrasting attitudes and characteristics in Australia and Canada.

    The author provides unique insights into two very different all-Ireland scenes: religion and rugby football. As an active referee for more than four decades, he shares experiences that show the Ulster rugby scene at its best (and occasionally its worst) in the final phase of the games amateur status. Again, his lifelong engagement with the Church of Ireland highlights issues of churchmanship, inter-church dialogue, and the General Synod and many of its committees.

    Two singular achievements stand out. Acting with Fr Philip Fogarty SJ, Headmaster of Clongowes Wood College, the author twinned Portora with Clongowes in 1980. A year later, he led the Anglican Consultative Council in an initiative that issued ultimately in the Roman Catholic-Anglican agreed statement, Salvation and the Church.

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Why the Whistle Went