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Why Siblings Matter

Growing Strong Relationships in Church

Author(s): Anna Brooker

ISBN13: 9781841012605

ISBN10: 1841012602


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  • For people of all ages today, life can feel fickle. One day the scene seems happy and secure, the next all security is washed away as unresolved tensions, hurts and differences add to the everyday pressures of life. What do we cling on to at such times - friends, relatives, colleagues, the church?

    This book looks at the importance of sibling relationships in our individual lives and in families. It considers how these horizontal relationships can strengthen families as much as the vertical, parent - child relationships can. It also looks at the biblical principles that may be applied to practical issues in order to withstand the external and internal pressures of todays world.

    Why siblings matter is designed to be read by individuals and groups. Groups could use the book as the basis for a parenting course, home group, reading group, or informal discussion group. The chapters are self-contained, providing material for eight thought-provoking sessions, which move progressively through the different stages of family life and sibling relationships.

    Anna Brooker taught at primary level, specialising in working with children with special needs, for nearly twenty years. In 1999 she left the teaching profession to write, and work with families in her local church. Currently training for ordination, Anna, leads and co-ordinates parenting courses, baptism preparation and midweek drop-in and teaching groups for under fives. She is married to Nick, who is also a trained primary teacher. They have two teenage daughters and one son.

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    Brooker explores the nature and importance of horizontal relationships between siblings and how they can strengthen families. There are plenty of biblical examples throughout, including sibling rivalries such as Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his brothers, showing that things arent always easy. But it also shows the importance Jesus placed on sibling relationships amongst his first disciples: Simon and Andrew, James and John. The eight chapters, it is suggested, could form the basis of a home group or reading group and this is a book which lends itself to being discussed in groups rather than contemplated alone.

    - Christian MarketPlace - November 2005

    I suspect that few of us ever consider the impact and influence of siblings on family members and relationships, so readers will find that this book illuminates some often obscure facets of family life. Eight chapters explore the stages chronologically in a way that would be ideal for group study as well as private reading. Indeed it would provide a very suitable basis for a parenting course. Contemporary issues are linked to relevant biblical stories which feature relationships and parallels are drawn. Each section has a few Growth Point questions to stimulate discussion and ends with a brief, reflective quotation. Her whole approach is well reasoned and relevant and could be very helpful to Christian parents trying to raise a family in our complex society.

    - Northsound Radio, May 2004

    Anna Brookers book offers a charming and personal insight into the rarely covered subject of sibling relationships. Brooker draws upon her family and work life experiences to provide thoughtful anecdotes and biblical reflections that examine the importance of these relationships for individuals and their families. Why Siblings Matter covers different stages of family life, from parents relationships to the dynamics that evolve as families grow. The book has been designed to be read by individuals or considered in group settings, providing an ideal and accessible resource for parenting for discussion groups. Brooker uses a series of reflections to highlight the timeless relevance of the Bibles teachings for the family in todays society. Church, individuals and communities are encouraged to support and nurture all types of families, and the book provides us with guidance and practical tips on how to do this as we build relationships and manage the challenges and joys of family life.

    - Home and Family, Summer 2004


Why Siblings Matter

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