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Why Jesus Died

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ISBN13: 9780800636937

ISBN10: 0800636937

Publisher: Veritas

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  • Jesus of Nazareth died on a cross at the hands of Roman justice around the year 30 C.E. Thousands of others perished in the same way, and many people before and since have suffered far more gruesome torments. Why then is Jesus, asks Gerard Sloyan uniquely and universally remembered for his suffering death? In this timely, expert, and fully engaging account, this widely acclaimed biblical scholar and historian adroitly discusses:

    • how Jesus died
    • who was responsible for his death
    • how his death came to be seen as redemptive
    • how accounts of his death figured in the rise of anti-Jewish sentiment

    For all who wondered about what really happened in the passion and death of Jesus and how his legacy grew, Sloyan's book will provide reliable and enlightening reading. With thoughtful study questions and a list of further reading, this book is perfect for individual or group use. ?

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Why Jesus Died

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