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Why Have You Abandoned Me?

Author(s): Peter M. Kalellis

ISBN13: 9780824526283

ISBN10: 0824526287

Publisher: Crossroad Publishing

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  • A long-needed look at dealing with flawed fathers in constructive ways Responding to the many adults who struggle with the wounds of absent parents, bestselling author Peter M. Kalellis offers an intimate, meditative look at what it means to lose a parent—particularly a father—and offers therapeutic solutions for healing and returning to a full life. Drawing on various personal accounts—such as case studies, his work as a Greek Orthodox priest, and his own experiences as a son and father—Kalellis’s examples range from physical distance and emotional separation to total abandonment and untimely death, pursuing a healthy resolution in each case. Informing the psychology with his signature compassion and forgiveness—of both self and family—Kalellis reveals how a strong belief in the Heavenly Father can help sons and daughters understand their earthly ones, while unloading the burden of absence carried from childhood into adulthood. With each chapter enlivened by inspiring quotes from literature and Scripture, this resource concludes with a series of invitations for personal meditation and further reflection.

  • Peter M. Kalellis

    Peter M. Kalellis, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, has private practice in NJ, A former Greek Orthodox priest, he has taught in the Graduate School of Psychology at Seton Hall University and is the author of several books on spirituality. He lives with his family in NJ.

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    “A book written by a seasoned therapist who addresses one of the most powerful influences in our lives: parents. With gentleness and wisdom, Dr. Kalellis clarifies how we have been programmed in positive or negative way by close or distant parental influence and helps us to provide emotional and spiritual healing.” —Maria Sikoutris Di Iorio, MA, EdS, LPC director, The Hellenic Therapy Center


Why Have You Abandoned Me?

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