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Where God Was Born

A Journey Through the Bible's Greatest Stories

Author(s): Bruce Feiler

ISBN13: 9780060574895

ISBN10: 0060574895


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  • "Where God Was Born" is a thrilling spiritual and physical adventure, in which Bruce Feiler travels to biblical sites in the most volatile countries in the world - Israel, Iraq and Iran - in order to answer one of the very important questions of our time: Why is religion tearing us apart ...and can it bring us together? The book is very much a personal quest through the unseen sites of the Bible, beginning in Genesis, continuing through the Prophets, and ending just before the birth of Jesus. For most of the last 25 years, biblical sites in much of the Middle East, notably Iraq and Iran, have been almost entirely closed to the West. "Where God Was Born" unveils these holy sites to most readers for the first time, including the Garden of Eden, the birthplace of Abraham, the rivers of Babylon, and the stronghold of Nineveh. In addition, Feiler retraces Joshuas conquest of the Promised Land, Davids showdown with Goliath, Solomons building of the Temple, Queen Esthers face-off with the King of Persia, and Judah Maccabes triumphant Hanukkah miracle.

  • Bruce Feiler

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Where God Was Born

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