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When Cancer Entered Our Family

Author(s): Moyra McDill

ISBN13: 9782895078357

ISBN10: 2895078351


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  • How we lived, laughed, cried, and survived.Moyra and Alan were accomplished, high-acheiving academics who were settling into rewarding careers as engineers. They had three young children. Then the headaches and disorientation began. Alan was dignosed with a fiercely aggressive brain tumour.

    When Cancer Entered Our Family follows what happens when a family is faced with incomprehensible suffering and loss. Drawing on their inner resources, they meet this crisis with courage, hope, and even humour.

    Scientists to the core, Moyra and Alan are not essentially a religious couple. This book explores their search for meaning in difficult circumstances. Over time, they find comfort and solace in the caring community around them, and the courage to meet each challenge as it comes. This is a remarkable family portrait of lives forever changed by illness.

  • Moyra McDill

    Moyra McDill is Pofessor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. The author of a number of scholarly publications, this is her first book. She is a teacher, a researcher and an administrator at the university and a mother of three at home.

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When Cancer Entered Our Family

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