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What Your Money Means and How to Use It Well

Author(s): Frank Hanna

ISBN13: 9780824525200

ISBN10: 0824525205


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  • Countless books tell you how to make money: only this one turns to the wisdom of the ages to illuminate for you the reasons you have money in the first place, and the role its meant to play in your life and in the lives of others. Here, American entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Hanna introduces you to a lean, no-nonsense explanation of the meaning of your money, and a guide for dealing with it constructively.

    From a tradition rooted in ordinary virtue, common sense, and the pragmatism that allows societies to flourish, Hanna has skillfully drawn forth principles and criteria that will enable you to discover quickly and with confidence:

    * Why you, in particular, have money
    * What your money calls you to be, and why
    * How to determine how much money is enough
    * The three vocations of all those who have money (can you name even one of them?)
    * How to shield yourself and your loved ones from the dangers inherent in wealth (and even make your wealth a school of virtue!)
    * How - if philanthropy is your calling - to give wisely (and ten rules of thumb that should guide all donors)
    * Plus: much more to help you understand what your money means, and how to use it well.

  • Frank Hanna

    Frank J. Hanna is the CEO of Hanna Capital, the recipient of the William B. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership and the David R. Jones Award for Philanthropy, and cofounder of the Solidarity Foundation. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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    Using his research, along with his personal experiences, Hanna clearly explains how much money is enough, whether it is being spent well, and what having money means. The book features an easy-to-use layout and superb design.

    - Catholic News Agency

    [A] rarity, a book that could change the state of an entire question. And, just perhaps, an entire sector of our public life.

    - Philanthropy

    Provides such useful guidance on the central issues of both how much wealth is enough and how wealth can best be given to worthy causes. . . . Should be read by potential givers both large and small.

    - Charles B. Knapp, president emeritus, The University of Georgia

    I highly recommend this book to everyone who plans to engage in charitable giving, no matter how much money they may have to give. (Thomas S. Monaghan, founder, Ave Maria University and Dominos Pizza)

    - Thomas S. Monaghan

    An intelligent approach to allocating and enjoying wealth. . . . No one should give away a cent without reading this book first. (Foster Friess, founder, Brandywine Funds)

    - Foster Friess

    Simple, easy-to-follow advice on how to donate with decisiveness and get the most bang for your charitable buck.

    - Jim Towey, president, Saint Vincent College

    No business person should miss this one. Frank Hannas book will save you assets, time, and quite possibly your soul.

    - Raymond Arroyo, author, Mother Angelica

    What makes [Hannas] book unique is its simple clarity, engaging style and practical value for every reader, whether wealthy or more modest of means.

    - Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap, archbishop of Denver


What Your Money Means and How to Use It Well