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What the Bible says about the Stranger

Second Edition

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ISBN13: 9780956279507

ISBN10: 0956279503


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    There is some evidence that times of recession can breed increased negativity towards foreigners. Therefore the popular booklet What the Bible Says About the Stranger, now in its second edition, revised and expanded, gives a timely reminder for believers that compassion towards strangers should be near the top of our list of values and priorities. There is a special resonance too for Ireland which has both a unique history of seeking shelter in other lands as well as its missionary history and being a country that traditionally prides itself on being a place of a hundred thousand welcomes. Over eight chapters and beginning with the Pentateuch the question of the stranger or outsider (or the unhelpful alien in some modern translations) is addressed through both Old and New Testament. From Babel to Pentecost with more familiar stories like those of Abraham and Ruth stand alongside the less well known or emphasised teachings on hospitality to strangers in the writings of Peter and Paul. Each scripturally based chapter concludes with several helpful questions to aid reflection as well as a concluding prayer. There are also contact details for Church and Non-Governmental Organisations as well as other useful
    resources for those in the asylum/refugee/migrant field. A useful tool for all who take the injunction I was a stranger and you welcomed me.... to heart.

    - Intercom, October 2010


What the Bible says about the Stranger

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