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What Mary Means to Christians

ISBN13: 9780809147441

ISBN10: 0809147440

Publisher: Irish Book Distribution

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  • Do Catholics actually worship Mary? What exactly is her role in Catholic Spirituality? How do Catholics justify their beliefs, some of which don t seem to have biblical attestation? In What Mary Means to Christians, theologian Peter Stravinskas provides concise but extremely thorough explanations of every aspect of the Marian tradition, including some interesting facts that Catholics themselves might not be aware of. Written not only for Catholics, but for non-Catholics who want an objective explanation of Mariological beliefs, this invaluable resource for both lay people and clergy explains how the ancient tradition of devotion to the Blessed Mother is not just proper to Catholicism, but to the entire Christian tradition as a whole.

  • Peter M. J. Stravinskas

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What Mary Means to Christians