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What is Meditation DVD

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    Meditation as a state of being. Meditation can be a part of every moment of life. We traditionally view meditation as the form of 'doing'. Sitting quietly, dedicating time to do the act of mediation. This recording encourages you to let go of the notion that you need to do meditation. Allow it to be a part of your every moment. You will receive guidance on how to access a meditative state while being able to function through the forms of existence (going to work, parenting, driving). You will be guided to recognize the aliveness in the forms around you and how to bring peace into everyday life.

    Topics discussed:

    * Preconception of meditation
    * Doing vs. Being
    * How to act when drama is present
    * The delusion that the present moment is an obstacle
    * Becoming aligned with the present moment

    This recording is useful for everyone , from those that are new to Eckharts teachings, to those that have been involved for years. It can serve as a gentle introduction and also as a reminder of the art of presence.

    'Space arises when the form is not resisted.'
    'And your entire life experience is determined by whether or not and how much space there is in your life.'
    ' When you are completely present, you are present with the totality of your beingin other words, you sense an aliveness in every cell of your body. '

    Size: 1 DVD
    Running Time: 64 minutes
    Recorded: Santa Rosa, CA
    DVD Region free (suitable for all regions)
    NTSC format (will play on PAL DVD players)

  • Eckhart Tolle

    Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany, graduated from the University of London and worked at Cambridge University. When he was twenty-nine, a profound spiritual transformation virtually dissolved his old identity and radically changed the course of his life. He is now a counsellor and spiritual teacher. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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    'My expectation for this recording was it was going to tell me how to sit quietly and meditate. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could incorporate meditation into everyday life, by becoming aware of the forms around me (people, events, circumstances) and not resisting them, but by recognizing the aliveness in that moment. Immediately following listening to this recording, I felt a deeper sense of peace, quiet alertness and spaciousness in my being.'

    Alex Scott


What is Meditation DVD

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