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What I Believe

Author(s): Hans Kung

ISBN13: 9781441103161

ISBN10: 1441103163


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  • After two volume of autobiography, Hans Kung now write a short personal statement of his Christian belief. Hans Kung is one of the most celebrated theologians of the Roman Catholic Church today. His audience which is strong within his own Church is every bit as strong among Christians of other denominations and indeed among those at the frontiers of organised religion. From the start, he has been a rebel, being Swiss and a lover of personal freedom. Many of his books like "Infallible?" and "On Being a Christian" have rocked the Papal boat. Now after publishing two magnificent and acclaimed volumes of memoirs, Kung has written a much shorter and more personal book to explain his own beliefs. If one sets aside all scientific knowledge and learning, all formal theological language and the skilful construction of theories, what remains as the core of faith? What do we need for our lives? What is indispensable to us?. Kung writes of trust in life, joy in life and suffering in life and in so doing writes a summa of his faith - and life.

  • Hans Kung

    Hans Kung was born in 1928 in Switzerland. He is Emeritus Professor of Ecumenical Theology in the University of Tubingen and President of the World Ethic Foundation. Continuum have published the two volumes of his autobiography - My Struggle for Freedom and Disputed Truth.

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    No one doubts, not even his severe critics, that Kung is a brilliant scholar and thinker. The range of his historical, philosophical, and theological knowledge is astounding,

    - Catholic New Times.


What I Believe

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