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What Happens When We Die

Author(s): Sam Parnia

ISBN13: 9781401905569

ISBN10: 1401905560

Publisher: Hay House

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  • In hospital Dr Sam Parnia faces life and death issues every day. Through his work in critical care, he became very interested by some of his patients' accounts of the experiences that they had while clinically at the point of death.

    He started to collect these stories and read all the latest research on the subject. He then decided to conduct his own experiments, and his work has culminated in this extraordinary book.

    Picking up where Raymond Moody's Life After Life left off, this ground-breaking study explores the answer to the ultimate question: what really happens when we die?
  • Sam Parnia

    Sam Parnia, M.D., is a leading expert on near-death experiences. He now spends his time in hospitals and Cornell University in New York, where he's a Fellow in pulmonary and critical-care medicine. He founded the Consciousness Research Group and is chairman of the Horizon Research Foundation. Dr. Parnia is constantly in demand as a speaker, and he's made numerous media appearances. His groundbreaking research was featured in the BBC 2 and Discovery documentary, The Day I Died.

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What Happens When We Die

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