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What God Has to Say About DEATH

Author(s): Mark Water

ISBN13: 9781842981146

ISBN10: 1842981145

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • Ever wondered what God has to say directly to us on subjects that inevitably play a part in all our lives - money, love, marriage, courage, death and children to name but a few? Rather than having to navigate through a concordance and then look up every single Bible reference, this series does the hard work for you. Each one contains all the major Biblical verses on its topic and tackles them head-on, helping to improve knowledge of the Bible and to interpet and extend the original verses, providing food for thought about your own response. This title deals with the subject of death.
  • Mark Water

    Mark Water was born in Devon, England and trained for the Anglican ministry at the London College of Divinity. He was ordained as an evangelical minister in 1966. For the past 20 years he has been engaged in the ministry of Christian literature as writer, editor and advisor. He is the author of the Bible Made Easy series; the Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations; the Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs, and many other volumes.

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What God Has to Say About DEATH

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