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Life, Health and Spirituality

Author(s): Richard J. Woods

ISBN13: 9781847300928

ISBN10: 1847300928

Publisher: Veritas Publications (31 May 2008)

Extent: 160 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 0.6 x 13.3 x 21 cm

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  • Important links exist between physical, emotional and mental health and spirituality. A mature and effective spiritual life has major benefits in all these areas, including longevity, resistance to disease and greater happiness.


    In Wellness: Life, Health and Spirituality, Richard Woods demonstrates how spirituality is good for you and good for the world! Its pages explore a number of areas in which a vibrant and healthy spirituality enables people to live longer, healthier lives, contribute to society and avoid many of the discontents of our hectic technology-drive, commercialised, artificial and often lethal way of living in today's world.

  • Richard J. Woods

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    At a time when religious faith and spirituality are under more sustained attack than usual as sources of human suffering, guilt and anxiety Richard J. Woods OP offers by contrast an affirming and deeply positive view of the mature and effective spiritual and religious life. As a prolific author, teacher of 37 years and former editor of Spirituality. Today he brings a breadth of learning and experience to his latest publication which is essentially a riposte to the challenge of more recently aggressive secularist and atheistic thought and public expression that seeks to portray religion in Freuds terms as a psychosis or unhealthy way of being and relegate it to the dustbin of history or the domain of the strictly private and personal or at best to the outer limits of public life and discourse.

    Drawing on numerous historical, spiritual, medical, scientific and literary sources Dr Woods delineates instead the important links that occur between physical, emotional and mental health and spirituality and concludes that a genuine spiritual life and practise brings great benefits in the vital areas of longevity, resistance to disease and greater happiness. In a comprehensive and wide ranging discussion of many aspects of a holistic spirituality over thirteen chapters he explores among other points the importance of caring for the body. This includes simple but important elements such as diet, exercise and even clothing and grooming. Further chapters deal with pain, aging and death; mental health, love, sex, marriage and friendship and the spirituality of sleep and dreams as well as the power of meditation and contemplation. Globalisation in terms of economics and environmental concerns is also addressed in the final chapters as part of the integrated healing process of spirituality and religion. It comes replete with chapter notes, bibliography and index.

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