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Welcome to Islam

ISBN13: 9781847062161

ISBN10: 1847062164


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  • Welcome to Islam is an insiders guide to Muslim life from someone who used to be on the outside. Written by an English Muslim and mother of three, this book captures the theory and the often humorous reality of living as a Muslim in England: as a convert, a working woman, a mother, and an active member of Muslim and "typically English" communities. Discover what its really like living life as a Muslim in England: praying the ritual prayers at work in an office when your boss walks in, or going on Hajj with hundreds of Saudi women dressed from head to toe in black. It is rare to pick up a newspaper or watch the television in England without encountering a "Muslim issue" at least once. Lucy Bushill-Matthews story helps to makes sense of the faith behind the headlines.
  • Lucy Bushill-Matthews

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Welcome to Islam

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