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Week That Changed the World

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ISBN13: 9781596271067

ISBN10: 159627106


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  • Beginning with Palm Sunday, the gospels record every day of Jesus life up to the time of his death and resurrection. These eight days are unparalleled in the canon of Scripture for their narrative power, their detail, and their focus. A unique synthesis of the four gospel accounts of the passion and resurrection of Christ is provided in this seamless and elegant narrative account of the Easter events, including every detail mentioned in all four Gospels, but without any unnecessary repetition or distracting references. A chapter is assigned to each of these days to facilitate devotional reading and study during the days leading up to Easter. Two chapters are added on either side of the eight days to round out the story. A study guide is also included. The book invites reader to experience the events of Christs passion as they happened, thus fully entering into the drama of the Easter story. More than anything, this book is an invitation to join Jesus and the disciples in walking the road that leads to Jerusalem, and to experience the events that happened there in an intimate and life-changing way.

    "The Week that Changed the World is especially intended for younger adult readers, such as myself, who have a hunger for Scripture, for narrative rather than merely systematic accounts of Christian thought, and who have a desire for communal celebration of the Christian mystery. It also appeals to a recent desire to read the teachings of Christ in the holistic context of the setting and plot that frame the events." -Timothy Dean Roth
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Week That Changed the World

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