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We Lost Our Baby

ISBN13: 9781905785209

ISBN10: 1905785208


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  • We Lost Our Baby is the true story of a young couple who, after the initial excitement of discovering a new pregnancy, faced the heartache of losing their baby. On top of the trauma of a miscarriage, they also had to deal with insensitive and sometimes rude doctors and nurses, outdated hospital policies and a shocking lack of empathy and understanding during the worst times of this tragedy. Angry and confused, they went looking for answers. They found none. There were no books to help them with the emotional upheaval they were going through. There were no explanations from the hospital as to why they had lost their baby and the counselling on offer was largely ineffective. What followed was an awkward few months where they could not grieve together and their relationship was severely strained. It was not just their relationship with each other that was affected. Family and friends who did not know how to deal with the situation also became isolated from them. After months of strained contact, they nearly lost some close friends because of this tragedy.
    Realising that communication was the key to getting through this sorrowful time, they finally started talking and found a way to get their relationship back on track. They also found that if they spoke honestly and openly to family and friends, they could get those relationships back as well. Knowing that other couples who have lost a baby would be going through similar difficulties, they decided to write down their experience in an effort to help them. Their beautifully written poignant story, dealing with an issue that is too rarely acknowledged and discussed openly, is one of complete and heartrending honesty.

  • David White

    Siobhan White

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We Lost Our Baby

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