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We Have A Pope! Benedict XVI

Author(s): Matthew Bunson

ISBN13: 9781592761807

ISBN10: 1592761801


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  • Who is Pope Benedict XVI?

    In selecting Cardinal Ratzinger as the next pope, the cardinals have chosen a man well-known to them for many years. Those who have met him invariably talk of his gentleness, his shyness, his piety, his outreach to people of all faiths, and at the same time his impressive intellectual abilities and his penetrating insights into the challenges facing Christianity and modern society.

    ?À What made him the man he is today?
    ?À How is he different from the secular-media portrayal?
    ?À What lies ahead for Catholics worldwide?
    ?À How will he deal with the Churchs struggle for the soul of the West, for Europe, and for America?

    In We Have a Pope! Benedict XVI, written by papal expert and historian Matthew E. Bunson, D.Min., the person and teaching of our new pontiff are revealed. You will learn that, like John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI is confident in the truths of the Church and of the Gospel, a man who speaks movingly of the love and mercy of God.

    For all Catholics, the next chapter of the Church starts now.

  • Matthew Bunson

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We Have A Pope! Benedict XVI

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