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We Drink From Our Own Wells

Liberation Theology

Author(s): Gustavo Gutierrez

ISBN13: 9780334029915

ISBN10: 0334029910


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  • The publication of We Drink From Our Own Wells in 1984 was a significant event in the development of liberation theology. It cemented Gutierrezs work and writings as a charter for many Latin American theologians and pastoral workers and also brought the story of liberation theology, in practice, to western theologians. Gutierrezs belief that a theology that does not come from an authentic encounter with God can therefore not be fruitful, means that the spirituality described in We Drink From Our Own Wells is a genuine one deeply rooted in the lived experience. It is the story of the experience of the poor of Latin America and their struggle to affirm their human dignity and claim their true identity as sons and daughters of God.

    The spirituality of liberation theology touches every dimension of life. It is a truly biblical spirituality that allows Gods saving act in history to penetrate all levels of human existence. Gutierrez explains in this text, that the spiritual journey is not a journey from nothing to something for the poor of Latin America, but a journey in which they have already met the God for whom they were searching. His message in this text is clear. It is one of great hope and warmth, and whilst sharing this spirituality with a new audience, Gutierrez not only describes his experience as a pastor working amongst the poorest, most deprived peoples in a third world environment, but he also educates and teaches the reader how this theology works in practice.

  • Gustavo Gutierrez

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We Drink From Our Own Wells