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Author(s): Henry Garon

ISBN13: 9781570758201

ISBN10: 1570758204

Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

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  • An inspiring window into the hidden lives of the homeless - those folks on the streets that most of us seek to avoid.

    These reflections on persons experiencing homelessness and poverty - the outcasts of our society - help readers to understand the potential within all human beings to teach us something about the world and ourselves.

    Some are addicts of drugs and alcohol, some have been turned out by their families, and others are simply lost beings on the streets of our towns and cities. Yet the words of Henry Garon turn them from objects - often slovenly individuals who sleep on park benches, in subways and buses, or sheltered beneath store fronts - into children of God, individuals with their own losses and dreams. While some are simply "loners," others truly want a connection with someone willing to listen. As we listen by reading their stories, they enrich us and help us see more clearly those whose eyes weve tried to avoid.

  • Henry Garon

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    We see them all the time. The homeless litter our streets. Who are these shadowy figures, and why should we care about them? Henry Garon probes this impenetrable mystery as he faces his own questions, confusions and doubts while responding to the Gospel imperative to reach out as best we can to the lowly and the lost. On these pages, the nameless homeless become real people and in the process of entering their tormented lives, we become more compassionate.

    - Gerard Thomas Straub, author, When Did I See You Hungry?

    "Feeling lately that Jesus is hiding from you? Wondering where to find him? I invite you into these pages to wander through the streets of New Orleans with Henry, who claims he keeps bumping into Jesus all over the place. Says he found the map in Matthew 25. But dont take my word for it. See for yourself (the only way, of course, to really meet Jesus.)"

    - Sister Helen Prejean



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