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  • David Haas and Robert W. Piercy team up to create this outstanding, coordinated program of music, prayer services, and liturgies tied to the major themes of the new Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    Theres great music from David Haas, including 12 new songs and 9 of his best-loved, all re-recorded featuring both childrens and adult voices and fresh arrangementshymns, songs, psalms, canticles, and ritual music especially appropriate for childrens voices.

    Bob Piercy gives us 49 marvelous prayer services, each about 15 minutes long. Seven prayer services are tailored to each grade level, K-6, on the themes of creation, Jesus Christ, morality, church, sacraments, God, and salvation history. All the services are coordinated with the music and are carefully prepared according to the latest information available on the spiritual development of children.

    In addition, Robert Piercy supplies five school-wide liturgies: opening of the school year, Advent, Lent, end of the school year, and a reconciliation service.

    Perfect for all catechists, presiders, and liturgists, this curriculum-based music and liturgy program accompanies BROWN-ROAs new series Walking By Faith, a K-6 curriculum; however, the materials are invaluable for any catechetical program or young peoples liturgy program.


    Walking by Faith
    Gods People (Ps. 100)
    Advent Gathering: Make Ready the Way/Come, O Lord
    Holy Is Your Name (Canticle of Mary)
    Alleluia/Gospel Acclamation
    To You, O Lord (Ps. 25)
    Blest Are You, O God (Canticle of Zachary)
    People of God/Alleluia
    E Na Lima Hana (The Working Hands)
    The Bread That Gives Life
    Stand Up, Friends!
    Deep Down I Know
    Like the Sweet Fragrance (Canticle of Sirach)
    This Is the Day (Psalm 118)
    General Intercessions
    Prayer for Peace
    Lord, Be with Me (Ps. 91)
    Penitential Litany
    Raining Down Manna (Ps. 87)
    Examination of Conscience: Jesus, Heal Us
    Nothing Can Keep Us from Gods Love
    Blest Are They
    Everlasting Grace Is Yours (Ps. 136)
    Song of the Body of Christ
    Final Blessing

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