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VOL3 Prepare for the Great Tribulation

Author(s): John Leary

ISBN13: 9781882972777

ISBN10: 1882972775


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  • Messages received from July 1, 1995 to June 31, 1996

    Subjects discussed in Volume III (3) includes:

    Volume III (3) reveals to us all the vital messages that God Wants us to have in these very special times. Rev. Leo J. Klem, C.S.B., the authors spiritual director, states in the foreword that the messages can be placed into three Categories:

    ?À Warnings -"Prepare your lives and repent, for truly this life is passing away. I tell you your time is short to get ready for the evil tribulation which is about to be fall you." - 1-23-94

    ?À Teachings - "My little ones, you must follow the messages and pray for guidance through this evil age. Call on Me, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, My Mother, your guardian angel, or the saints to carry you through this time. We will listen to your prayers and protect you.-10-23-93

    ?À Love messages - "I bring you my Euchraistic love. My Sacred Heart is burning with love for all you. If you could but understand how much I love you. - 1-10-94

    It was in July of 1993 that Almighty God, especially through Jesus, His Eternal Word, entered the life of John Leary in a most remarkable way. The messages you are contained in these special volumes will change the way you view your life on earth; all you need to do is listen with an open mind. In doing so, youll receive many insights into the kind of relationship God wishes to establish with you and come to understand Gods plan for salvation. Youll witness the love He has for us, and how much He yearns for our response. If you are interested in knowing what the future holds for America and how we must prepare for the times ahead, read these vitally important books. Beautiful Josyp Terelya illustrations grace each volume.

  • John Leary

    John Leary became aware of God's special call and mission after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. He freely gave his will to God and consented in faith to whatever will come. John has been going to daily mass since he was seventeen and has been conducting a weekly prayer group in his home for thirty-five years. He lives in Rochester, NY with his wife and his youngest daughter. John receives messages daily.

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VOL3 Prepare for the Great Tribulation

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