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Voice for Those Bereaved by Suicide

Author(s): Sarah McCarthy

ISBN13: 9781853905933

ISBN10: 1853905933

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 102 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 20.6 x 14 x 1 cm

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  • After Sarah McCarthys husband committed suicide, leaving her with four children under ten, she was overwhelmed by loss, despair and anger. But in slow stages she began to live again, to accept the past and take joy in life. This is the story of a courageous journey in coming to terms with loss.

    A Voice for Those Bereaved by Suicide is an honest, moving and valuable book. Suicide has been denied and hidden for too long; Sarah McCarthys decision to tell her story provides a voice for all those bereaved in this tragic way.

  • Sarah McCarthy

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    Sarah McCarthy s husband took his own life when her four children were between 2 and 10 years of age and she herself was 30. I was apprehensive as to the relevance of the book to those of us who have lost children to suicide, but my fears were soon dispelled as I progressed through this very readable and sensitive book. The emotions experienced in the authors struggle to survive are common to all who have sought to make sense of this particular kind of bereavement, and she is both articulate in her description of her varying states of mind and practical in her suggestions of how to deal with the chaotic state of grief. She also describes the new and stronger person who emerged from the grief, and her ability to deal with situations and issues that previously she had been too lacking in confidence to confront. There is also a moving account of how the author helped her children to deal with their own reactions, which involved a decision not to work outside the home, so ensuring her availability to them at all times. One of Sarah McCarthy s aims in writing the book was "to foster a greater awareness of all who have been in some way touched by such a tragic loss". She has succeeded well in her aim within the limited confines of a book. This inexpensive book would make a perfect gift for someone newly bereaved, to help them to understand their complex emotions and to give them hope for the future. It would also be a useful reference book for a professional dealing with bereavement issues. Compassion

    Almost everyone involved in pastoral ministry will have encountered cases of suicide. Each case is unique. In my experience, those who took their lives were young, often very young. Occasionally I knew them well. For example, a young man I had known from my work with a youth project in a previous parish hanged himself and left a kindly written note for me. The note produced a rush of confused feelings that may have been a faint reflection of the reactions of people who lose a relative or close friend in this way. One encounter that helped me to understand a little of the devastating effects a suicide can have came a few years ago when a lovely and generous couple asked me to co-operate in a liturgy that might give strength to them and, even more, to others who had still to work through the recovery they had begun to attain. Sarah McCarthy s account of her husbands death, its prelude and its aftermath, how it affected her and her children, is a generous as well as a brave gesture. I hope that it will reach, directly or indirectly through some of its readers, many people who stand to gain courage and strength from her insight and experience. In her concluding chapter, tinged with the spiritual wisdom she has acquired through learning to cope with tragedy, she says to her readers: I wish you grace for your journey and healing for your heart, and if reading my story has in some way eased your pain then I rejoice with you. All one can say is amen to that.

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Voice for Those Bereaved by Suicide

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