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Visions and Voyages

Author(s): Fay Sampson

ISBN13: 9780745952352

ISBN10: 0745952356


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  • The pagan Celts told of supernatural voyages to islands of joy. As the Roman Empire crubmeld around them, Celtic Christians threw themselves passionately into such a quest. Pilgrimage was not to shrines of the past, but a voyage into the future. For provisions, they had the harvest of fine scholarship, belief in free will, love of art and poetry, as well as a total disregard for personal safety or splendid buildings. They found their visionary islands on Skelig Michael, Iona, Lindsfarne. Yet their spirituality was essentially concerned with politics and people. Using history, and a thoughtful examination of legends, Fay Sampson weaves these strands like Celtic knotwork into a continuous story, exciting and unsentimental.
  • Fay Sampson

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Visions and Voyages

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