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Veritas Hymnal People's Edition

ISBN13: 9780901810625

ISBN10: 0901810622

Publisher: Veritas

Binding: Paperback

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  • It has long been felt that there was a genuine need for a hymnal that would be suitable and practical for the needs of the Irish Church, one which would provide a basic repertory for all our schools and parishes. It was not intended that this hymnal would supplant individual diocesan publications or seek to limit congregations to its contents, but it is published with the object of ensuring that a worthwhile collection of hymns would be readily available in all parts of the country in a convenient and compact format.


    The Table of Contents is designed as a practical guide to the selection of hymns for various occasions and is divided into groups for Mass, Special Occasions, Benediction and the Sacraments as follows:

    Presentation of the gifts
    Entrance: Sundays of the Year, Advent, Christmas, Presentation, Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart, Precious Blood, Transfiguration, Christ the King, All Saints, All Souls, Mary, Patrick, Brigid.

    Where a hymn is suitable for more than one occasion and therefore appears more than once in the Table of Contents, the hymn number is repeated but its second appearance is printed in lighter type.


    Through consultation with the Communications Institute and the regional branches of the ICMA it was sought to establish what hymns people like to sing. Four main groups emerged:
    a. Traditional Gaelic hymns with texts in Irish b. Gaelic melodies with English words c. Standard traditional hymns d. Recent hymns which are likely to endure


    In the past there has been confusion and criticism resulting from the way words have varied from one book to another. This edition attempts to provide versions accept?¼able to Christians in the modem post-conciliar world. It will be noted that in some cases words have been subjected to slight alterations to convey more directly the spiritual meaning. In a very few cases where the tune has been very popular but the customary words reflect period attitudes they have been completely rewritten. These new versions have won the approval of a number of choirs who have sung them and they merit careful consideration by clergy and laity.
    We hope that this volume will be readily accepted by our schools and parishes and become the springboard for a great renewal of interest in singing at Mass, thus enabling people to participate more intimately in the mysteries of Salvation. I am confident that The Veritas Hymnal will prove its usefulness in the years to come and exhort all who benefit from it to support the work of The Irish Church Music Association.
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    One of the most significant provisions of the Liturgy Constitution of Vatican II was that which allowed the introduction of vernacular hymns into the Sacred Liturgy.
    The years since the Vatican Council have witnessed a remarkable growth in the use of hymns, especially in the liturgy of the Mass. Not all of these have had the solemnity and dignity, either in words or music, which is proper to this central act of Christian worship and at present we may be said to be in the middle of a winnowing process in which, hopefully, the wheat will be separated from the chaff.
    The present hymnal is meant to assist this process. One of the difficulties experienced in recent years has been the absence of a hymnal of sufficiently wide range to make easily accessible most of the hymns in current use. This hymnal fulfils that need. It contains 146 hymns in Irish and English, including both hymns hallowed by long usage in Ireland and many which have come to be known only in recent years. The selection has been arranged under separate headings, "Entrance hymns", "Communion hymns" and so on, but of course this is intended merely as a guide. Sean b Riadas hauntingly beautiful "Ag Criost an siol" is suitable not merely as an Offertory hymn but also, for example, as an Entrance hymn in Requiem Masses; "Holy God we praise thy name", while really a "Te Deum", is often used as an Entrance hymn.
    It is the hope of the editor that a worthwhile programme of hymns will be established throughout the country as a result of the widespread use of this hymnal.
    This collection has been assembled with the collaboration of The National Commission for Sacred Music and The Irish Church Music Association and to congratulations to the editor must be added thanks to these bodies for their invaluable help.

    - His Eminence William Cardinal Conway, Archbishop Of Armagh Primate Of All Ireland

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Veritas Hymnal People's Edition