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Vatican II in Plain English

The Council

Author(s): Bill Huebsch

ISBN13: 9781594711053

ISBN10: 1594711089

Publisher: AveMaria Press

Extent: 223

Binding: Paperback

Size: 1.2 x 14 x 21.5 cm

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  • The Second Vatican Council, which met from 1962 through 1965, is the most significant event in the last 400 years of Christian history. It changed the face of the Roman Catholic Church forever and dramatically affected all the people of the world. Author and theologian Bill Huebsch has provided a thorough and thoroughly readable telling of the story of Vatican II.

    This volume describes the Church on the eve of the council, provides an easy-to-read version of the opening speech of John XXIII and other speeches, provides a chronology of major events in Vatican IIs unfolding story, lists all previous church councils, and offers biographies of key players at Vatican II, as well as a summary of each document.

  • Bill Huebsch

    Bill Huebsch is an author, theologian, former director of religious education, farmer, and long-time Catholic publishing professional. He is founder of and past president of Twenty-Third Publications. Huebsch writes and teaches extensively on the catechetical mission of the Church and on the importance of continuing to implement the vision of the Second Vatican Council.

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    A talented layman tells the story of Vatican II and gives its documents in engaging sense lines. Its paraphrase that becomes prose poetry.


     - Rev. Walter M. Abbott, S.J., General Editor, The Documents of Vatican II

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Vatican II in Plain English

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