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Unseen Footprints

Author(s): Voysey Sheridan

ISBN13: 9780745952932

ISBN10: 0745952933


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  • Do you ever wonder about the unseen reality that lies beneath the surface of your world? Have you ever glimpsed something unexpected that seems to take you out of your normal routine for a few moments? A splash of colour that offers the extraordinary in a world of otherwise routine monotony? Perhaps it s a meaningful interaction with a friend, a precious conversation with a sibling, a beautiful landscape viewed or a moment of self-awareness so heightened that something bigger than your mere individual existence is touched upon. At such times, the veil is lifted and you glimpse the possibility of another, more vibrant, world. Unseen Footprints offers a journey in search of this other world, the world of the divine. Drawing on his own faith journey and featuring evocative quotes, stories and photography from contemporary life, the author coaxes the reader into the complex search for meaning and purpose.
  • Voysey Sheridan

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Unseen Footprints

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