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Understanding School Bullying - eBook

A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Author(s): Mona O’Moore

ISBN13: 9781847304742

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 196 pages

Binding: eBook

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  • This book provides a rich understanding of school bullying and the many forms it takes. The reader will be left in no doubt as to the serious consequences of bullying for the victims, the bullies and, indeed, society. The book places a strong emphasis on prevention and intervention at primary, secondary and tertiary level. Crucial and practical steps are provided, especially for parents and teachers, as to how they can make a real difference in reducing the widespread and serious level of victimisation and bullying in our schools today. 


    This book is unique in its recommendations for best practice, which draw not only on the most up-to-date research, but also on the author’s many years of professional experience of working with children, parents and teachers. It is designed for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of bullying in a clear and concise manner, and promotes a whole school community approach to bullying, which has recently been proven to be the most effective method in decreasing school bullying.

  • Mona O’Moore

      Professor Mona O'Moore is the Founding Director of the National Anti-Bullying Research Centre, formerly of Trinity College Dublin, but now located within the School of Education Studies, Dublin City University. She is currently Adjunct Professor to the School of Education Studies in DCU and is Co-Director there of the Anti-Bullying Research Centre. She has written widely on the subject of bullying, including Dealing with Bullying in Schools: A Training Manual for Teachers, Parents and Other Professionals (Sage Publications Ltd, 2004), Inclusion or Illusion?: Educational Provision for Primary School Children with Mild General Learning Disabilities (Blackhall Publishing Ltd, 2009), Understanding School Bullying: A Guide for Parents and Teachers (Veritas, 2010) and Understanding Cyberbullying A Guide for Parents and Teachers (Veritas, 2014).

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    Mona O Moore the author of Understanding School Bullying, A Guide for Parents and Teachers is director of the Anti Bullying Research Centre in Trinity College. Her well researched book provides an insight into the problem of bullying in its many and varied forms and makes a variety of recommendations for best practice based on up-to-date research and her own experience working with teachers, parents and children.


    Some of the statistics are frightening, not least the one from the World Health Organisation that suggests that only 35 per cent of all young people in the 11-15 age group were not involved in fighting, bullying or victimisation. It is not just a cliché to say that being bullied is something that stays with you for life, as so many adults can confirm. Everybody associated with schools has a duty to play their part in preventing, reducing and dealing with bullying behaviour.


    Ireland does not, as yet, have a national policy on bullying. This book is a valuable resource for anyone, teacher or parent, seeking to come to terms with and counteract act this most pernicious scourge which is sadly all too present in our schools and communities.


    - Pat Collins, Intouch, March 2011


    Bullying is a daily and painful reality for a significant number of children in Irish primary and post-primary schools according to Understanding School Bullying by  Mona O’Moore, founder and director of the Anti-Bullying Research Centre, Trinity College. Those who espouse the attitude that ‘Sticks and stones may break my  bones but names will never hurt me,’ and who feel that bullying in some way prepares a child for life or toughens them up should receive a sharp wakeup call from  reading this guide for parents and teachers.


    The reality disclosed within its pages reveals how school bullying in its various forms can ruin a child’s experience of education, scar them psychologically for life as some contributors to the book attest and in extreme cases may lead to self harm, mental health issues and even suicide among victims. Divided into three parts and  fifteen chapters and written with great clarity and insight Understanding School Bullying is both clinical and passionate in its examination of the often casual daily  torment that bedevils the lives of large numbers of school children.


    Written from the perspective of wide experience and extensive research into bullying from both within   and outside of school there are many helpful guidelines throughout for parents and teachers in helping to identify and deal with children who are either crudely or with  greater subtlety (thanks to modern technology) bullying or being bullied. Included are numerous sources for further help and advice. An ideal resource for all those concerned with this important aspect of children’s lives.


    - Intercom 2011


Understanding School Bullying - eBook  

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