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Understanding Islam

Author(s): Matthew Gordon

ISBN13: 9781903296745

ISBN10: 1903296749


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  • A succinct, authoritative and accessible introduction to one of todays fastest growing faiths.

    Islam is the last of the major monotheistic religions to have emerged, and a growing proportion of the worlds population adheres to the Islamic faith. But what exactly are the beliefs and essential practices of Islam? What are its distinct ideas about the nature and meaning of the cosmos, and the purpose of human existence? What was the role played by Muhammad and his teachings? How are Islams key beliefs interpreted today in a changed world? This concise and accessible introduction describes and explains the development of Islam, its key principles, and the rich expressions of holiness that the faith encompasses. In an era of extreme religious tensions and prejudices, it is more important than ever to see this major world religion in a balanced manner. The book also contains special documentary sections presenting quotations from and commentaries on key texts.

  • Matthew Gordon

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Understanding Islam

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