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Twenty Five Years On

A Message for Today (1979 - 2004)

ISBN13: 9781853908064

ISBN10: 1853908061

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 120 pages

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 17.4 x 10.8 x 1.4 cm

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  • A selection of quotations from homilies and addresses given by his Holiness Pope John Paul II at various locations around the country during his visit to Ireland in 1979. The Pope explores themes such as the Call to faith, Parenthood, Peace and Justice, the Eucharist, forgiveness, Youth and Prayer, all of which still resonate today.
  • Pope John Paul II - Karol Wojtyla

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    Faith and fidelity are marks of the Church
    in Ireland, a Church of martyrs, a Church
    of witnesses; a Church of heroic faith,
    heroic fidelity. These are the historical
    signs marking the track of faith on Irish
    soil. The Gospel and the Church have
    struck deep roots in the soul of the Irish


    The word of God is worthy of all our
    efforts. To embrace it in its Purity and
    integrity, and to spread it by word and
    example is a great mission. And this is
    your mission, today and tomorrow and for
    the rest of your lives. Something else is
    needed: something that you will find only
    in Christ, for he alone is the measure and
    the scale that you must use to evaluate
    your own life. In Christ, you will discover
    the true greatness of your own humanity;
    he will make you understand your own
    dignity as human beings `created to the
    image and likeness of God (Gen 1:26). Christ
    has the answers to your questions and the
    key to history; he has the power to uplift


    What I really want you to realise is this:
    that God counts on you: that he makes his
    Plans, in a way, dependent on your free
    collaboration, on the oblation of your
    lives, and on the generosity with which you
    follow the inspirations of the Holy Spirit in
    the depths of your hearts.


    Our desire for Christian unity springs
    from a need to be faithful to the will of
    God, as revealed in Christ. Our unity in
    Christ, moreover, conditions the
    effectiveness of our evangelisation; it
    determines the credibility of our witness
    before the world. Christ Prayed for the
    unity of his disciples, Precisely `so that the
    world may believe.
    (John 17)


    Despite our human weakness and our sins,
    despite all obstacles, we accept in humility
    and faith the great principle enunciated by
    our Saviour: `What is impossible with men is
    possible with God.
    (Luke 18:27)


    Whenever- we have questions, whenever we
    are burdened, whenever we are faced with
    the choices that our faith imposes on us,
    the word of the Lord will comfort and
    guide us.


    When we look at the works of faith, we
    must give thanks to God. Thanks to God
    for the saints and apostles and all who
    were the instruments for implanting and
    keeping alive this faith, and who have
    done Gods will throughout the ages.
    Thanks to God for the generosity of faith
    that brought forth fruits of Justice and
    holiness to life. Thanks to God for the
    preservation of the faith in integrity and
    Purity of teaching. Thanks to God for the
    continuity of the message of the apostles
    handed down intact to this day.


    The basis of our personal identity, of our
    common bond and of our ministry is found
    in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and High
    Priest of the New Testament. For this
    reason, brethren, my first exhortation as I
    come among you today is this:
    `Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who
    inspires and perfects our faith (Heb 12:2).
    Since we are pastors of this flock, we must
    indeed look to him who is the chief
    Shepherd to enlighten us, to sustain us,
    and to give us Joy as we serve the flock,
    leading it in Paths of righteousness for
    his names sake (Ps 23:3).


    What a great grace it is for the entire
    Christian world that, in this our day, the
    Holy Spirit has powerfully stirred up in
    human hearts a real desire for this
    newness of life. And what a great gift of
    God it is that there exists today among
    Christians a deeper realisation of the need
    to be perfectly one in Christ and in his
    Church: to be one, in accordance with
    Christs own prayer, even as he and his
    Father are one.
    (John: 17)


    All Christians, incorporated into Christ
    and his Church by baptism, are
    consecrated to God. They are called to
    Profess the faith which they have
    received. By the sacrament of
    confirmation, they are further endowed by
    the Holy Spirit with special strength to be
    witnesses of Christ and sharers in his
    mission of salvation. Every lay Christian is
    therefore an extraordinary work of Gods
    grace and is called to the heights of
    holiness. Sometimes, lay men and women
    do not seem to appreciate to the full the
    dignity and the vocation that is theirs as
    lay people. No, there is no such thing as an
    ordinary layman, for all of you have keen
    called to conversion through the death
    and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As Gods
    holy people you are called to fulfill your
    role in the evangelisation of the world.


    Dear brothers and sisters, every act of
    reverence, every genuflexion that you
    make before the blessed Sacrament, is
    important because it is an act of faith in
    Christ, an act of love for Christ. And
    every sign of the cross and gesture of
    respect made each time you pass a church
    is also an act of faith.


    A selection of quotations from homilies and addresses given by his Holiness Pope John Paul II at various locations around the country during his visit to Ireland in 1979. The Pope explores themes such as the Call to faith, Parenthood, Peace and Justice, the Eucharist, forgiveness, Youth and Prayer, all of which still resonate today.

    There are some questions, which, I imagine, sooner or later, all who think for themselves will ask. Where do l come from? Why do I exist? What are my relationships with the invisible world? How must I behave in order to achieve the goal of my life? Why am I subject to suffering and death? What hope have I in the face of these realities? I cannot think of any questions which are more relevant to life.

    The Church brings Gods answers to these question. It spreads the Good News that there are answers to these essential questions, and that God has answered all of these questions with a gift of truth and life that surpasses our deepest expectations.

    Over the past twenty-five years Pope John Paul II has repeated and explained and clarified these answers. In doing so he speaks not only with the authority of his office as the Bishop of Rome and Successor of Peter, but with the human authority and authenticity of a highly intelligent man who has absorbed and internalised Gods message through prayer and study. The Pope can communicate that message because he knows the human heart, he understands contemporary culture and has an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    It was a great grace that Pope John Paul decided to visit Ireland so early in his pontificate. During his three-day visit in 1979 he delivered several talks, sermons and addresses. In doing so he was fulfilling his role as Chief Teacher in the Church and seeking to deepen its life through a better knowledge Of Our Risen Lord and Saviour.

    I welcome the decision of Veritas to publish Twenty-Five Years On -A Message for Today, a selection of quotations taken from the various addresses and homilies given by the Pope In Dublin, Drogheda, Clonmacnois, Galway, Knock, Maynooth, Limerick and Shannon. The words and the photographs will evoke powerful memories of those glorious days.

    The intervening twenty-five years have been a time of immense change throughout the world. In a time of fast and furious change we all need sure points of reference. Pope John Paul came to Ireland on a pastoral visit. His goal was to promote our full well-being by providing solid and secure points of reference and to assist us in the ongoing conversion that is a central part of Christian life. This he did mainly through his preaching and teaching. His message continues to be relevant today because it is the message of Jesus Christ - who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Christ has the answer to your questions and the key to
    history; he has the power to uplift hearts.
    (P. 17)

    This book in many respects summarises and encapsulates the central themes of the reign of a Pope who will surely be judged by scholars and commentators to have made a defining contribution to the Church and to the world at a critical time in history, spanning two centuries and two millennia. This book will be enjoyed by anyone who seeks to relive those special days in 1979 or who seeks to inform themselves of the teachings of Pope John Paul II. It will be a very useful aid for teachers and preachers. I hope that many people will read it and use it.

    - Sean Brady, Archbishop of Armagh President, Irish Bishops Conference


Twenty Five Years On

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