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Turning 30: How to get the Life You Really Want

ISBN13: 9780749925505

ISBN10: 0749925507

Publisher: Piatkus Books

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  • Up till now you might have thought you knew exactly who you were and what you wanted out of life. Or you might never have given it any serious thought - you were too busy having fun. Suddenly, though, youre questioning everything. Is this all there is? Why havent I got it together? My career hasnt turned out like I thought it would. All my friends are settling down - but Im still single! Sound familiar? Maybe youre going through what psychologists term the quarterlife crisis, the period between the ages of 28 and 34 when nothing seems like its falling into place. Suddenly, turning 30 seems like the biggest hurdle youve ever had to leap. Why is it so tough, and can you do anything about it? The answer is yes. Psychologists and life coaches Sheila Panchal and Ellen Jackson know what its like, and in Turning 30 theyve come up with the ultimate antidote to your turning 30 blues. Packed with case studies, questionnaires, tips and goal-setting exercises, it shows you how to examine every area of your life - from career to relationships, money, health and family. Youll re-examine your values and learn how to turn your dreams into practical ideas for leading the life want.
  • Ellen Jackson

    Sheila Panchal

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Turning 30: How to get the Life You Really Want

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