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Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You

Author(s): Deborah King

ISBN13: 9781848500761

ISBN10: 1848500769

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • Millions of us live with chronic and debilitating pain or disease, and sadly, that number is growing every day. In Truth Heals, Deborah King, explores the relationship between the suppression of truth and how this later manifests into pain or illness.

    Using her years of experience as an expert healer, Deborah King creates a roadmap for people to learn how to recognize and release emotional blockages, share truth in a safe and healing manner, and unlock the power of truth without reliving negative experiences or causing more harm. Through client histories, celebrity profiles, and her own remarkable journey, the author demonstrates how anyone can release deep-seated layers of denial, fear, and anger in order to heal the mind and body.

  • Deborah King

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Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You

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