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True Confessions


Author(s): Linda Schubert

ISBN13: 9780963264367

ISBN10: 0963264362


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  • This little book will help you to deal with your feelings of anger, shame, rejection, etc., by bringing them to God, seeing how others have successfully dealt with their negative feelings, and praying for those with similar struggles.

  • Linda Schubert

    From 1985 to 1990 Linda Schubert has co-authored nine books with Rev. Robert DeGrandis, SSJ and have since written many others. Following the publication of her international bestseller Miracle Hour in 1991, she has ministered in the Philippines, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy, Malta, Poland, Switzerland, Belize, Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Hungary, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada and Jamaica. In addition to conducting workshops, retreats, parish missions and days of prayer, she has spoken at national and regional conferences. At present most of her work is in the United States and the UK, and focuses mainly on prayer, healing, reconciliation, leadership training and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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True Confessions

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