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Touched by God: 10 Monastic Journeys

Author(s): Laurentia Johns

ISBN13: 9780860124511

ISBN10: 0860124517


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  • Today people find the monastic life exceptionally compelling. The Rule of St Benedict is studied and applied far beyond the confines of the monastery. Following the huge success of the BBC TV series The Monastery, the monastic life has been seen as a means of healing, of disciplined living and of people coming to terms with themselves and their own personal truths. The age old wisdom of monastic life has a strong message of hope for our turbulent and often confused modern world.

    The contributors to Touched by God give deeply personal and honest accounts of what the monastic life is really like and how it brings them closer to God.
  • Laurentia Johns

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    Anyone whose imagination has been captured by monastic life will find this collection of personal stories by 10 men and women living under the Rule of Benedict absorbing as well as enlightening. Inspired by a similar anthology published in 1982 as A Touch of God, this volume retains the same format of simple narratives, freshened by new stories from editor Johns and others who represent the variety of monastic expression today. The narrators range from 26-year-old Joanna Gilbert, who is discerning a monastic vocation while living in a community of young laypeople basing their lives on Benedicts Rule, to Monica Mead, who made her profession in 2002 at 74 after raising a family. Each story shatters stereotypes by offering a keenly transparent view of life inside both monk and monastery. Whether discussing the shock of shedding the trappings of status and independence or the adjustment required for growing into a life of silence, each author provides an intimate and informative look at the path to monasticism and its continuing journey.

    - Publishers Weekly


Touched by God: 10 Monastic Journeys

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