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Tools for a Reflective Ministry

Author(s): Paul Nash, Sally Nash

ISBN13: 9780281059935

ISBN10: 0281059934

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • In reflective practice we are asked to consider our own experiences and ask what went well?, what went badly and how might I do better next time? Tools for Reflective Ministry contains practical exercises and ideas on how to do this theologically and spiritually, putting Christianity at the core of the discipline.

    Topics covered include: using metaphor in reflection; spiritual practices for reflection; reframing the past, imagining the future, understanding the present; using culture in reflection; reflecting without words; reflecting with nature; reflecting together.

  • Paul Nash

    Sally Nash

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    `Tools for Reflective Ministry provides a wealth of resources for people involved in various forms of ministry who want to be reflective practitioners. Sally and Paul Nash summarize and synthesize the contributions of many teachers and guides and offer an impressive array of ideas, strategies, tools, questions, insights, practices, examples and exercises to stimulate and equip us. A resource book to plunder again and again, alone and with others.

    - Stuart Murray Williams, Urban Expression

    A really welcome and helpful resource written with knowledge, understanding and wisdom by reflective practitioners who live what they teach.

    - Roy Searle, Leader, Northumbria Community

    `Winsome and inviting, this practical, inspirational book is an invaluable help to all who would dive beneath the surface of themselves. Well researched, but never wooden, it is a feast for all who lament the famine of reflection that blights those of us who feel stranded in a soundbite culture.

    - Jeff Lucas, author, speaker and broadcaster

    `Tools for Reflective Ministry is a gem of a resource for practitioners. By staying closely rooted to the practice of ministry, Sally and Paul Nash have produced an invaluable addition to the growing literature on theological reflection.

    - Pete Ward, Senior Lecturer in Youth Ministry and Theological Education, Kings College London

    `For those of us who would welcome help in being able to reflect well, Paul and Sallys book will be invaluable. They have much to say to help us indi?¼vidually, and with others, to develop habits of recognition that see and hear Gods action and voice every day we live. They write personally and profes-sionally, distilling an enormous amount of contemporary wisdom clearly and accessibly. I warmly commend these "tools" that they have brought together for our good.

    - Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead

    As the language of theological reflection and reflective practice becomes increasingly a part of our lexicon, many practitioners in ministry will be asking, "How do I actually go about doing this?" This book provides some much needed help and practical advice for empowering practitioners in their Christian discipleship. This is an invaluable text!

    - Dr Anthony G. Reddie, Research Fellow in Black Theological Studies for the British Methodist Church and the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education

    `Those of us who have the privilege of knowing and working with Sally and Paul Nash recognize their distinctive skills as individuals and their complementary skills as married professional colleagues. In this engaging, theoretically grounded and thoroughly practical book, they invite us, the readers, to enter their theologically informed world and in so doing to become better theologically informed reflective practitioners ourselves.

    - Leslie J. Francis, Professor of Religions and Education, University of Warwick and Canon Theologian, Bangor Cathedral

    `A fabulous resource, thoroughly practical and deeply inspiring, and born out of the accumulated wisdom gained from personal commitment to the discipline of reflection. Not only do the authors make accessible and comprehensible the disciplines of reflection even to the absolute beginner, but they also provide stacks of practical help and techniques to enable all to grow in this most vital practice. Making available to a wider constituency the fruit of their years of study and teaching in this area, Paul and Sally Nash have done the church a great service in contributing in this way to the development of deeper people.

    - Ian Parkinson, Vicar of All Saints Church Marple and team leader, New Wine North & East

    `In my work I find that increasingly reflective practice is a key tool for discipling and inviting young people to make real progress in their journey of faith. Paul and Sallys book has not only further equipped me for this role but also deepened my understanding of the vitality that can be brought to a persons spirituality through this crucial area of ministry.

    - Jason Gardner, Youth Project Researcher, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

    `This book is a skilful blend of sound theory, creative practice and perceptive stories that uncover the riches of reflective ministry. Sally and Paul generously share insights from their experience of reflective practice, both in their own lives and in their ministry in different contexts. This is a book to read and to treasure, to return to again and again for new tools to unlock the huge potential for learning and growth in our everyday experiences:

    - Jenny Baker, writer and co-founder of the Sophia Network for women in youth work


Tools for a Reflective Ministry

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