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Too Much Aid: Not Enough Help

Author(s): Ken Gibson

ISBN13: 9781856077125

ISBN10: 1856077128


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  • Does Aid reduce global poverty and inequality? This book examines the evidence and concludes that, despite billions spent on aid, poverty and inequality have in fact increased. Surprisingly, this increase has taken place during a period of increased Aid.

    In this radically different look at aid, an unlikely author , the Chief Executive of a leading NGO , suggests that people like him should be at the forefront in showing that aid is not achieving many of its supposed objectives, because all aid is not the same.

    The vast bulk of aid is delivered by governments to other governments or through international bodies. Such aid is often delivered with conditions attached. These conditions, as this well researched book shows, often make the donor richer and the poor poorer! A picture that is in stark contrast to the fact that for decades aid was presented as pure benevolence.

    Aid can and has delivered some very significant results. But the current Aid r?®gime often facilitates corruption and ultimately makes the poor poorer. The voices of the aid community remain silent, afraid that all aid will be perceived as the same and the good projects will be rejected along with the bad.

    Recognising that all aid is not the same, this challenging book offers a number of approaches to address the problem. To make a real difference and to deliver effective change requires a radical change in attitude. The challenge lies in convincing donors to set agendas of self interest aside and to offer more help and less aid.

  • Ken Gibson

    Ken Gibson is Chief Executive of TLM Ireland (The Leprosy Mission). He has extensive experience working in Asia and Africa. He is much in demand as a speaker on development policy and practice and as advisor to a number of Non Governmental Organisations.

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    In welcoming this book. We must move beyond photo opportunities and grand gestures, and face up to the hard questions, especially: who benefits from aid? Why are the people poorer in many places, despite billions being spent on aid? Can aid make any difference without justice?

    - Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town

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Too Much Aid: Not Enough Help

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