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Author(s): Helen Exley

ISBN13: 9781861871596

ISBN10: 1861871597


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  • To The Bride with simple and genuine words this exquisite giftbook recognixes that, for the bride, this is one of the most important days of her life.

    Helen Exley is happily married to her business partner, Richard. "The words in to the Bride are very personal, and important to me," she says, "they are the words I would have loved to have used to dedicate my own marriage to Richard".

    Helen has spent more than ten years collecting the words and illustrations for to the Bride. Some of the quotations and extracts have been published in Helens other giftbooks on love, marriage and weddings, "but this is my ultimate collection," says Helen. "It is inspired by the strengths, the beauty, and the wonder I have found within the marriage bond".

  • Helen Exley

    Helen Exley lives in Watford, England. For more than a decade Helen has specialized in books about the family and family relationships, and illustrates her books with stunning art from museums all over the world. Her books have proved immensely popular and have sold more than twenty million copies. They are now found on bookstalls as far apart as Beijing and Istanbul, Helsinki and Rio de Janeiro, printed by enthusiastic publishers in Mandarin Chinese, Icelandic, Finnish, Portuguese and more than thirty other languages.Helen is C.E.O. of her own publishing company.

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