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To Raise Happy Kids Put Your Marriage First

Author(s): David Code

ISBN13: 9780824525385

ISBN10: 0824525388


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  • A Win-Win Approach to Marriage and Parenting

    All parents want their children to be happy. But many couples today go too far, letting everything revolve around their kids. This hurts the children and the marriage. The good news is you dont have to choose between your spouse and your kids. Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience and his study of families around the world, David Code explains why putting your marriage first actually produces happier kids.

    In this book youll learn how confronting your anxiety liberates your children to establish their own identity, learn self-reliance, and become more confident adults. Youll also discover why you already married the perfect spouse, and why its okay to have tough arguments. A good marriage sets a great example for your childrens future relationships, and thats win-win for the whole family.

  • David Code

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To Raise Happy Kids Put Your Marriage First

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