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Time to Live

Author(s): George Pitcher

ISBN13: 9781854249876

ISBN10: 1854249878

Publisher: Monarch Publications

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  • There is a view, rapidly gathering support, that it is just, compassionate and moral to allow those facing death to choose both the moment and the method. Surely, the argument goes, it is time our laws were reformed? George Pitcher vehemently disagrees. He believes that such a change in our attitudes to life and death can never be justified socially, culturally, politically, medically or on religious grounds. If we permit euthanasia, we are choosing a world where the right to die is likely to become a duty to die. This is a book about the kind of world we want to live in.

  • George Pitcher

    The Revd George Pitcher is an Anglican priest, Religion Editor and columnist at The Daily Telegraph and a prolific writer and journalist. He has been an award-winning Industrial Editor of The Observer and co-founded the leading communications consultancy Luther Pendragon.

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    Proposals to legalise assisted dying assume the existence of a perfect world - a world in which all doctors know their patients well ... Anyone who works, day in and day out, with dying people knows that this idealised picture simply does not reflect reality. This is why A Time to Live is such a timely and helpful contribution ... It is an excellent book and I hope it will be widely read.

    - Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, in her Foreword

    "This is perhaps the most important book on the subject of `assisted dying that we have yet seen. It combines unmistakeable realism and compassion with acute moral argument ... An absolutely essential read for all concerned with what is probably the sharpest moral and legal question of our time."

    - The Most Revd and Rt Hon. Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury


Time to Live

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