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Time Has Come

Author(s): Peter Sills

ISBN13: 9781856075282

ISBN10: 1856075281


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  • St Marks gospel was the first to be written and the shortest. There is an urgency in the writing, immediacy and freshness and humour. Throughout the story there runs a strong undercurrent reminding us that this is not just an account of the best man who ever lived, but of the Son of God, the One who makes plain for all to see the nature and will of God himself. The shadow of the cross is never far away, a constant reminder of how the story will end. But there is also the conviction that whatever happens God will not be defeated, and out of death he will bring new life.

    Marks message is about the new life. Jesus begins his ministry with the urgent announcement, The time has come; the Kingdom of God is upon you; repent and believe the gospel. Were Mark writing today, his message would be no less urgent; with its radical challenge to our modern ways and values his gospel is very much the gospel for our age.

    Echoing the pace and concern of Marks writing, The Time Has Come lets the message of St Mark speak out clearly. It offers a Lenten journey that relates the faith of Jesus to our everyday concerns and to the problems of the modern world.

  • Peter Sills

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Time Has Come

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