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Through Corridors of Light

Author(s): John Andrew Denny

ISBN13: 0745955479

Publisher: Lion Hudson

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  • Compiled by a former publishing editor who has suffered severely from ME for over 20 years, this is a poetic companion through the journey of serious illness. Poems have been chosen mostly by sufferers, and powerfully echo the deep and private thoughts that preoccupy the seriously ill but are often difficult to articulate. Sections reflect on the phases people commonly go through including: initial shock and realization of sickness; learning to be still and to be thankful; finding new courage, resolve and hope; taking comfort in spiritual contemplation; facing the prospect of death and accepting it peacefully. Poets included are both famous and unknown. Poems offer consolation by validating the readers experience of illness, illuminating the mind with rich visual and emotional images, and opening up new ways of understanding the world and ones place within it.

  • John Andrew Denny

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Through Corridors of Light

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