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They That Wait on the Lord

An Uncharted Journey

Author(s): Carlin Neal

ISBN13: 9781782181811

ISBN10: 1782181814


Extent: 272 pages

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 22.8 x 17.6 x 2.8 cm

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  • In They That Wait on the Lord, Fr Neal Carlin reflects on an eventful journey travelled in faith, that took him to America and Mexico to experience emerging new communities and houses of prayer, and led to the foundation of the Columba Community in his home city in the midst of The Troubles.


    As the story of the Columba Community unfolds, the reader gets an insight into the person of Fr Neal Carlin, from the formation of his faith in childhood to his ordination to the priesthood, and his ever developing openness thereafter to being led by the Holy Spirit. Some reflections written by Fr Neal over the years have been included in the book, and give us an insight into his love of nature and the Celtic soul, which sees God in all things. He seems to see the sacred and the hand of God in the ordinary.


    Celebrating fifty years in the priesthood, Fr Neal also shares his vision for the Church of the future and his hope that small basic communities, like the Columba Community, will 'sprout up all over Ireland, like small springs to again irrigate this holy land of ancient saints and scholars'. 

  • Carlin Neal

    Fr Neal Carlin founded the Columba Community for Prayer and Reconciliation in Derry in 1981. He is now based at the Iosas Centre in Co. Donegal. He lives in Co. Donegal.

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    It is truly wonderful, dare I say miraculous, to see and hear of such vibrant and active faith after all that Ireland has gone through! there is a deeper level of Listening and seeing that will always be true despite the movements of history and the suffering we impose on one another. Here is that deeper level!

     - Fr Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

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They That Wait on the Lord

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