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Theosony: Towards a Theology of Listening

Author(s): Noirin Ni Riain

ISBN13: 9781856077231

ISBN10: 1856077233

Publisher: Columba Press

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  • Irish spiritual singer and Christian scholar, Noirin Ni Riain proposes a rich imaginative, refreshing sketch of new ways of listening out for and interpreting the Divine 'sound of sheer silence'. From Socrates, through Abraham, Jesus Christ, Patrick to you, the most powerful connection between humanity and the Divine was and is through the ear. True listening is the deepest, most ancient form of prayer and Noirin, in creating a new word for this powerful prayer method - theosony - offers new ways of listening out for the essential medicine for our times, the Transcendent, the Absolute God. Here, Noirin, Irish spiritual singer and Christian scholar, encourages you to hear every sound around you as a prayer which can balance your entire being in this divided world. That sound preceded sight is a fact of the human narrative, yet very little effort has been made to develop a methodology of how to really listen to creation, to one another and most important of all, to the mysterious beautiful voice of the Divine. This neglect of such crucial acts of true listening has greatly contributed to the crisis now encountered by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. 'Listen that you might live' is the secret of a life of beauty, promised the prophet Isaiah, thousands of years ago.


    This book is for everyone, believer or so-called non-believer alike, who is searching for a deeper meaning and heightened awareness of this precious life. Here is one possible proposal and sketch of some conditions that can create the realm of real listening to that beautiful music of the Divine Spirit within you - a Spirit which is loud and noisy according to one Gospel author: 'The Spirit blows where it wills, AND YOU HEAR THE SOUND OF IT, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit (John 3:8).

  • Noirin Ni Riain

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Theosony: Towards a Theology of Listening

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