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The Basics

Author(s): Alister McGrath

ISBN13: 9780470656754

ISBN10: 0470656751

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 3rd Edition edition (18 Nov 2011)

Extent: 256 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 1.3 x 13.5 x 21 cm

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  • Completely updated and expanded, this third edition from one of the worlds leading theologians introduces students to key theological issues, contextualizing them within the bible and the works of seminal theologians. 


     - Introduces readers to key theological issues such as God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, faith, creation, salvation, atonement, religious history, and heaven

     - Thoroughly updated, with the addition of a new chapter on the Holy Spirit
     - Now includes images and more pedagogical features to engage the reader
     - Each chapter offers an overview of an important theme, presents relevant biblical passages, and summarizes the contribution of a major theologian
     - Expands the range of theological positions discussed within the book, especially those of contemporary and feminist theologians
     - Maintains the user-friendly structure of the previous edition, with the Apostles Creed as a framework
     - Concludes with suggestions on how readers can take their study further
     - Can be used alongside the new edition of Theology: The Basic Readings for a complete overview of the field


    Table of contents:



    The Apostles Creed.

    Getting Started.

    1 Faith.

    2 God.

    3 Creation.

    4 Jesus.

    5 Salvation.

    6 Spirit.

    7 Trinity.

    8 Church.

    9 Sacraments.

    10 Heaven.

    Moving On.

    Brief Glossary of Theological Terms.

    Details of Theologians Cited.



  • Alister McGrath

    Alister McGrath is Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, and Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at Kings College London. He is a prolific author noted for his ability to explore and express complex ideas in simple terms. His three most recent books for SPCK are Mere Christianity, Heresy and, with Joanna Collicutt McGrath, the international bestseller, The Dawkins Delusion?

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    This is an excellent and extremely helpful introduction to Christian theology. Believers of all familiarity with theology will find McGraths explanations helpful and clarifying. This would be an excellent text for a sunday school or church bible study. I would even include this as a text for an introductory course in theology.

     - Jacob Sweeneys Blog, 16 December 2011


    McGrath’s approach is creedal and biblical. The chapters are lucid, engaging, and thought-provoking in so far as they serve as gateways into a complex (if not at times convoluted) field of study.

     - Religious Studies Review


    The publishers blurb reports that the first edition was an international best seller …It deserves this success. Students need such a clearly presented, sure-footed account of the theological basics.

     - Theological Book Review

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