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Theology in the Context of Science

Author(s): John Polkinghorne

ISBN13: 9780281059164

ISBN10: 0281059160

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • In this thought provoking book, John Polkinghorne contends that despite their different schemas and working methods, theologians and scientists share a common goal , the search for truth. From his unique perspective, and based on his extensive and highly regarded work as both a scientist and a priest, he asks fundamental questions about both disciplines and considers what theology can learn from science. He proposes that scientific method can be applied to theology, revealing a powerful way to frame theological discourse.

    Professor Polkinghorne applies this approach to fundamental themes: contextual theology, the nature of discourse, questions about time, our understanding of personhood, consonance in relation to creation, providence and rationality, motivated belief, eschatology and understanding.

    This closely argued yet lucid discussion draws insights from the fruitful interaction between these two important ways of searching for truth, and confirms John Polkinghorne as one of todays most insightful thinkers.

  • John Polkinghorne

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Theology in the Context of Science

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