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Author(s): Fay Sampson

ISBN13: 9780745946702

ISBN10: 0745946704


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  • A compelling fantasy adventure set in the not-too-distant future in a place that is not-too-different from our own (similar in this respect to some titles by Joan Aiken or Philip Pullman). The ordinary people are in the thrall of Them, a ruthlessly powerful group who have denied the use of technology to others for several generations. However, rumours abound of a Prince who will bring freedom to the people and help them to overcome their oppressors. This gripping adventure tells of the quest to find him - which includes action-packed chases, encounters with creatures of myth and legend, and mental and physical conflicts - with a surprising twist at the end. The powerful story has timeless themes which will resonate with many readers.
  • Fay Sampson

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