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The Write Stuff

Author(s): Sondra B. Willobee

ISBN13: 9780664232818

ISBN10: 0664232817

Publisher: Westminster/John Knox Press

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  • "This is a fine book for preachers, for those who are just beginning the journey of preaching, and for those veterans who are returning to the garage for a 100,000 mile checkup. I cannot imagine a more practical, attentive, useful, reliable, provocative and thoughtful guide to the delightful play of detail and form in sermons than this volume."

    - Thomas G. Long (from the forward)

    In this book, veteran preachers Sondra Willobee shows preachers how to enliven their sermons by using the techniques of great writers. With clarity and wit, Willobee explores the joyful process of crafting effective sermons.

    The book includes three sections:
    1) "hook" - how good sermons begin with something that grabs listeners attention;
    2) "book" - how to shape a sermon with narrative pulse and ascending emotional intensity so that listeners experience the gospel; and
    3) "stone" - how good sermons use specific, concrete language.
    By explaining these techniques, offering many examples, and reflecting on her own successes and failures, Willobee has provided a resource that will rekindle the creativity of experienced preachers and help new preachers develop their own compelling voices.

  • Sondra B. Willobee

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    For the workaday homilist who must bring forty or fifty sermons into being every year, The Write Stuff is an indispensable guide to good habits and best practices for accessing all the gifts of language. Sondra Willobee celebrates the word incarnate.

    - Thomas Lynch, author of The Undertaking: Life Stories from Dismal Trade and Bodies in Motion and at Rest: On Metaphor and Mortality

    Never mind my aversion to the term write as associated with the art of preaching. This book is dynamite-fresh, yet not an orphan! It will be difficult to read this book and not be a better preacher."

    - Eugene L. Lowry, Wm. K. McElvaney Professor of Preaching Emeritus Saint Paul School of Theology, and Lyman Beecher Lecturer in Preaching, Yale Divinity School 2009

    With clarity and wit, preacher and writer Sondra Willobee explores the joyful process of crafting effective sermons. Gathering the strategies of good writers, Willobee shows how to capture and keep listeners attention, how to generate suspense through structure, and how to increase impact with vivid language. In addition, Willobee offers examples, exercises, and reflections that help turn each chapter into a preaching workshop. The result is a book that will rekindle the creativity of experienced preachers while helping new preachers develop a compelling voice.

    - WJK books

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The Write Stuff

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