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The Veritas Book of Blessings for All Occasions

ISBN13: 9781847305176

ISBN10: 1847305172

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 256 pages

Binding: Cloth

Size: 18.5 x 12 cm

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  • An updated version of the Veritas Book of Blessings, originally published in 1973, this volume features blessings for all occasions for use by the priest, as well as in lay ministry.

    Containing official liturgical texts as given by the Vatican and carefully selected for relevance of use in Ireland, this is an essential resource for any parish or chaplaincy.
  • Veritas Publications

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    The title of this book says it all; there is indeed a very wide range of blessings contained with the covers of this relatively small tome, from the traditional to the more recent; from a blessing for a happy death to a blessing for a computer centre. The range extends from the happiest occasions to the deeply tragic; from a blessing for married couples on their anniversary to a blessing of parents of a stillborn baby. There is a sense, in the variety of blessings in the book, of where Gods grace can be shared as a blessing in the reality of life. This book reminds us that ministry in the name of Christ invites us to bring the God of mercy and love into both the mundane and the most intimate moments of the lives we touch. The minister who blesses is not merely performing a ritual; the minister is sharing Gods grace. Each occasion on which we are asked for a blessing for a place, an object or a person is a moment to speak of Gods involvement in all our lives, including the lives of those who may no longer join the community for Sunday Mass. These are opportunities not to be missed.

    The very practical introduction gives useful tips to help move from a simple blessing to a rich liturgical celebration. (page 17). The book encourages you to elaborate and extend where appropriate the basic blessings. A very important sentence in the introduction makes a suggestion as to how you might cope with some of the stilted language that is found here and there among the various blessings; It goes without saying that, in many pastoral situations, further adaptations of the texts given in this volume will be required. This is a well produced and practical resource, it is compact enough to fit in the glove compartment of the car and is presentable enough to be used in a formal liturgical setting.

    – Frank OConnor, The Furrow, October 2014

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