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The True Cost of Low Prices

The Violence of Globalization

ISBN13: 9781626980020

ISBN10: 1626980020

Publisher: Orbis Books (30 April 2013)

Extent: 224 Pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 20.6 x 13.5 x 1.5 cm

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  • Built upon the structure and content of the successful first edition (currently in its eighth printing), this second edition of The True Cost of Low Prices examines the effects of globalisation on the earths poorest and most vulnerable people within the context of scripture and church teaching.


    The text engages the reader with stories of the women, men, and children living in poverty who have experienced both the promise of the global economy and its troubling outcomes.

  • Vincent Gallagher

    Vincent A. Gallagher has spent thirty years researching dangerous work environments and is currently the director of the Romero Center in Camden, New Jersey.

    Jeffry Odell Korgen

    Jeffry Odell Korgen is the author of several books on Catholic social ministry, including Solidarity Will Transform the World: Stories of Hope from Catholic Relief Services (Orbis, 2007). He is currently Executive Director of the Department of Diocesan Planning for the Diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey.

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    This book will enlighten your mind on global injustice, but it may also break your heart... An uncommon blend of passion and intelligence.

     - John F Kavanaugh, SJ, St Louis University


    This is a powerful, penetrating, and practical book on the challenges of liv­ing Christian faith in the world of glob­al poverty. In addition to naming the signs of the times and pointing towards signs of hope, Korgen and Gallagher of­ fer a faith-based vision of justice that makes the reading of this book not just an intellectual exercise but more like a transformative meditation on justice, freedom, dignity, and the globalization of solidarity.

     - Daniel Groody, C.S.C., University of Notre Dame


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The True Cost of Low Prices

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