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The Thirst for Wholeness

Attachment, Addiction & the Spiritual Path

Author(s): Christina Grof

ISBN13: 9780062503152

ISBN10: 0062503154


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  • Christina Grof is an advocate and spokesperson for the transpersonal psychology movement. She broadly defines addiction as an exaggerated form of attachment. Spirituality has been acknowledged in the recovery movement, but almost exclusively within a Christian-centred framework as it relates to the 12 Steps. The introduction of the transpersonal view to the principles of 12-step recovery has resulted in a valuable exchange and an enthusiastic response from her workshop participants. In this book, Grof addresses the issues from the perspectives of her own dramatic spiritual and addictive experience, and her personal recovery. Beginning with Jungs comparison of addiction to "The Thirst for Wholeness", taking us through the addictive process into healing, and concluding with "The Divine Experience of Being Human", this book should strike a chord with seekers of every persuasion.
  • Christina Grof

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The Thirst for Wholeness

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